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Over 95% of our business is referred by professionals like you.


We do not compete with banks. If a business qualifies for bank financing - that’s where it belongs.

So, by declining a new business or by asking an existing credit to find replacement financing, you have already “pre-qualified” that business for a Diamond loan.

Diamond provides a temporary home for that business while it works to make itself ‘bankable”.

Diamond has been making these types of loans for over a dozen years directly and each of its principals have been making these types of loans for over 25 years.


Consultants, Accountants, Attorneys and others are among those that routinely refer business to Diamond. They do this because Diamond has a long-standing reputation of being extremely responsive – often taking calls after hours and on weekends to quickly size-up a potential transaction.

The principals are experienced deal makers, each having financed hundreds of businesses. Experience matters. When you need help you are well-served to call an experienced decision-maker.

  Brokers and
Investment Bankers

Diamond is the go-to lender for Brokers and Investment Bankers because we can quickly size-up a transaction and close the deal. Often, more is needed than invoice factoring and Diamond provides that additional availability and flexibility to get the deal closed and funded.

Broker fees are paid per industry standard and Investment Banker fees are always protected.

  How do I refer business
      to Diamond?

  • Simply call us at: 877-322-0102
  • Or pass along our contact information to your prospect

Asset-based financing for
non-bankable companies

$25,000 to $1,000,000